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The story behind highskilled.eu!

As you may can imagine, to tell you the whole story to get a better understanding of what we are doing, or trying to do here, we have do to a little travelling to the past with you guys. I hope you will enjoy that step back to the past and it will give you a clue of our intentions.

Let us get back to the year 2000. That was the year when everyone of us get in touch to the competitive scene of Counter-Strike. Due to the huge amount of public Servers, which had always a nice soundpack on it, we get to know each other and we decided to play as a 5 stack team. We performed very well and some us got invited to preofessional teams e.g. Team SPEEDLINK.

For some of us it took a little longer and they got invited to a professional team when CS:S was released. They played under the flag of EnRo GRIFFINS, a-Losers, Bouncer4You.Gaming etc. After a long period of being at the highest german level, the ESL Pro Series, we did a cut and decided to concentrate on our real lifes. A couple of years later we met again and played the game CS:GO. Just for fun we reached the 2nd Division at 99dmg league. Because we did not train as much as we should have done at that level we have been deranked to 3rd divisin and the motivation of playing went to the background. But we never quit palying. As the computer scene gave us so much, at the end of 2020 we decided to create a platform to give something back to the eSport scene. So we build up that community page with the goal to provide tournaments and leagues for every skill. Our intentions are to provide you a nice community where you can play at and additionally offer you the possibility to play at a competitive level. This platform is provided all unsaleried and thats why we decided to implement the possibility of premium memberships. Every cent we earn from your memberships, will strictly be paid as prizes for our tournaments and/or leagues.

Because of that unsaleried work we do here, we are always looking for some support as admins and prtnerships/sponsorships.

To apply for a job here contact us at jobs@highskilled.eu

If you are interested in a partnership or sponsoring please contact us at sponsoring@highskilled.eu


You can also contact our Staff-Team at:





Afterall I would like to mention that we are a team with a very high life experience as we are all 30+ years old.


Last but not least we want to wish you Good Luck and Have Fun being a part of our outstanding familiy.


highskilled.eu – Staff

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