highskilled.eu goes LIVE

author image by Jan | 0 Comments | 17. Juni 2022

highskilled.eu welcomes you to our official launch.

What is highskilled.eu and why should you participate here? – that would be the question if I just landed here right now as you did.

The answer is simple. We are trying to create a platform for every user and the whole skillrange for specific games we are offering. Sure, there was and will always be the competition. But on the other side eSport brings different people together, like the classic sports does. And this is part of our goals. To bring the community together and create a platform for competitions and socializing. And therefor the users will always be and take part of the decisions which affects this platform here. 

  • non-profit platform
  • gaming fees are always 100% to the prizepool
  • your opinion is part of our decision
  • platform for users of EUROPE
  • EU Leagues
  • Country specific Leagues
  • eSports addicted Admin-Team
  • over 20 years of experience

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