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Premium tournament

imghighskilled.eu FIFA Series #1 for PlayStation Created by Jan

Welcome to our FIFA 21 Series

We are going to start with our FIFA Series #1

We decided to create our own FIFA Cup Series, which will end up in an overall final tournament in the mid of 2021. This tournament requires a 5,00€ fee to get access to the tournament. All the money we will gain through your transactions, will be directly used as a prizepool for this tournament, as we stated we are a non-profit and unsalaried platform and doing this for building up a community with competitive ambitions.

To get the access, please go to our Shop and buy the FIFA Series#1 Access.

The amount of the prize depends on the amount of participants:

  1. First place will get 75% of the prizepool. E.g. 64 participants * 5€ = 320€ / 100 * 75 = 240€
  2. Second place will get 25% of the prizepool. E.g. 64 participants * 5€ = 320€ / 100 * 25 = 80€

Additionally we are giving free Premium Memberships for the first 4 placed participants.

We wish you all Good Luck & Have Fun with our FIFA Series.

highskilled.eu – Staff

Started on

26. March 2021, 12:00


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    0 out of 64

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    Round Robin

    Tournament type
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    highskilled.eu Platform

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Tournament details

  • Game

  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Tournament frequency



  • Stadium



coming soon

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : 75% of all the entry fees from all users + 4 months premium membership
imgplace 2 : 25% of all the entry fees from all users + 3 months premium membership
imgplace 3 : 2 months premium membership
place 4 : 1 months premium membership
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