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author image by Jan | 0 Comments | 4. März 2021

Northern European National Qualifyer and German National Qualifyer.

As we mentioned in our News yesterday, we are going to present you our VALORANT 5v5 European Championship. This Tournament will be played in a period of 3 months. And at the end of the period, we are going to play the final tournament, to see who is the best VALORANT European Team here.

At first we are going to offer the qualification tournaments of our northern region, this means Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The qualification tournament will be played as a BO1 knockout System. Because of the amount of 4 countries taking part at the Northern European National Qualifyer, we are going to take the best 8 Teams to the Final Tournament. So as you reach the round of the best 8 Teams you will automatically get a slot for the final tournament.

Within the German National Qualifyer are teams of Germany, Switzerland and Austria allowed to take part. We are also offering 2 slots per participating country, so there will be 6 slots available for the German National Qualifyer. The 4 winners of the Round of the best 8 teams will get a slot for the final tournament. The 4 teams which lost in that round will be invited to play another tournament to fill the 2 free slots.

Our official Streaming Partners will cast several games during our qualification process, and also during the final tournament. There will also be prizes for the qualification tournaments, next to the slots for the final. We will also provide giveaways through our Streaming Partners to you, when they are casting our tournaments.

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