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author image by Jan | 0 Comments | 3. März 2021

We are going to launch our European Championship soon

Yes, you read exactly right. Our platform is going to offer a EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP in VALORANT. Our main goal is to bring people from all over Europe together by playing their favourite game and additionally having a competetive factor integrated. So we decided to create an VALORANT 5v5 EC on our platform. We are just finalizing our preparations and are soon going to schedule the qualifiers.

The plan is , that every European Country has its own qualification tournaments. So it depends on the amount of interested teams and where the teams are located. If there are not as many participants as expected, we turn Europe into 3 sections (e.g. North, MID and SOUTH) and put countries together to play their qualifications. Of course our regulations will be edited in that case. Last but not least you can use the Board to start discussions or provide ideas to us. We will have our eyes on that board and we will try to take your suggestions into our events, if its possible. Have a good evening your – Staff

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